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Based at Talacre, in North Wales, SARN was established by David Leigh Evans in 1997.

Prior to this David spent over twenty-years working in main stream education, both as a Primary School Teacher and Headteacher. SARN worked, initially, with a major electricity company to help them develop an education programme that has been used by schools across North Wales and the North West of England.

Since 1997, under David’s management, SARN has worked with corporate clients from the U.K., Germany, U.S.A. and Australia. In addition SARN now supports schools across the U.K. in developing diverse curriculum areas.

SARN learning activities at Talacre

SARN develops strong links between, business, education and communities.

SARN has helped develop strong links between, business, education and communities. This work includes a number of award winning projects such as:

  • The creation of Tânni and Friends, characters that are used across Wales by The Combined Fire and Rescue Services to highlight safety issues. Tânni has been featured on the BBC as part of a programme about the Fire and Rescue Service.

  • A series of Science Workshops, supported by InterGen, that are being delivered in schools across six Local Authorities across the U.K.

  • A number of diverse projects that help develop financial skills for young people in both Wales and England.

  • The development of training packages for teachers and learners that support “Outdoor Learning”. 

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David Leigh Evans SARN

Having spent twenty years in main stream education, including seven as a Primary School Headteacher, I founded SARN in 1997. I am now responsible for the development of SARN and the delivery of Workshops across the U.K.


Tina Jones MBE SARN Associate

I have owned and run my own nursery, Tiny Tots, in North Wales since 1972. I am a long standing Trustee of The National Day Nursery Association, representing the views of NDNA Cymru. I first collaborated with SARN in 2000. I provide support for their developing work in Nursery and Early Years Education.


Debbie Lewis SARN Associate


I am a Director of I first worked with SARN in 2015 We collaborate on delivering ICT Cross Curricular Learning for teachers.


Steve Love SARN Associate

I am a Director of RAS I first worked with SARN in 1997. We have collaborated on several award winning projects by developing original characters for many of SARN’s clients.

Ann Jones SARN

I joined SARN in 2010 after working as a Local Authority Advisor; specialising in The Development of Numeracy Skills. As well as developing SARN’s Curriculum Resources and delivering workshops I have my own Math’s Company


Rawdon Jones SARN Associate

I am a Director of I first work with SARN in 2008. We collaborate on Outdoor Education and have published an education resource based on Energy and Habitat.


SARN Characters

And finally (silent drum roll) some characters old and new.

We’ve grown up with SARN, helping our clients achieve their objectives and win some posh awards! To meet more of us please contact 

Steve Blakesley.jpg

Peter Storey SARN

I joined SARN in 2010 after working in Financial Services. I am the face of Grandad – SARN’s innovative programme for developing Financial Skills. I also demonstrate and sell SARN Resources.

Steve Blakesley SARN Associate


I am the owner of   I first worked with SARN in 2014. I now collaborate with SARN on the delivery of STEAM Workshops.


Karen Kirkland SARN Associate 

I am a composer, music education consultant and specialist teacher/leader with Shropshire Music Service. I am also Karen Kirkland Music providing educational cross curricula music resources for teachers and schools. I have often discussed with David the importance of music in education. This year, 2019, SARN has commissioned me to compose some music for The Grandad Project.

Liz Murphy.jpg

Liz Murphy SARN

I joined SARN in 2018 after working as a teacher and a Local Authority Advisor, specialising in Early Years. I now teach Foundation phase on a part-time basis. I work with SARN in supporting schools and nurseries.

Screen Shot 2016-01-17 at 19.16.00.png

Chris Porteous SARN Associate


I am a professional photographer

I first collaborated with SARN in 1998. Our work includes the development of exciting projects that include high-resolution digital images.


Charlie SARN Associate 

I first worked with SARN in 2018. David tells people all about my “fussy” attitude to dog food and how it shapes his shopping trends. As well as helping SARN I work at Tiny Tots Nursery  - I am an Early Years Specialist. 

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