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SARN has excellent links with education groups and establishments and has worked with schools and L.A.'s throughout Wales and England.


Over twenty two years SARN has developed excellent links with schools and commercial and public organisations. We have both “in-house” expertise and links with associates who support our work.


We can now deliver:

  • The development and production of education resources in a variety of media in association with our experienced consultants.

  • The preparation and delivery of School Workshops associated with our clients’ work that have strong curricula links.

  • Support for commercial organisations who want to work with education groups.

  • Links with schools, across the U.K., who will trial and use our resources.

  • CPD for schools supporting improved delivery of the curriculum. These now include residential courses in North Wales.

  • Exciting “Hands-On” Workshops for both Primary and Secondary Schools.

  • Translation services, especially for organisations wishing to work in the medium of Welsh.


To discuss how we can support your organisation please, in the first place, contact or through our web-site



Our work is client focused, helping develop strong links between business and education. Highlights include:

Electronic Wires

A series of Workshops, supported by InterGen, that are being delivered in schools across six Local Education Authorities.  The Workshops concentrate on areas from electrical safety to energy conservation.

Purple Sparkler

The creation of Tânni and Friends characters, developed originally for the North Wales and Rescue Fire Service, that are now being presented to schools across Wales by all regional Fire and Rescue Services.  The key function of Tânni is to deliver fire - safety messages at the earliest possible age.


A project on financial skills, for young people, that has been developed with pupils both in Wales and England.

Sillouette of Wind Turbine

The development of a training package for teachers, from the Foundation Phase, that links to business and environmental issues

Bike Path

Links with PSE that have helped North Wales Police develop the DangerPoint project.  DangerPoint is a centre providing hands-on safety education to young people from across North Wales

Teens & Library

Training for staff from several major industrial organisations helping them improve key skills in working with young people.

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