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Grandad Goes Back to School!

“Grandad” first visited schools over four years ago. He was developed as part of “SARN’s Schools’ Workshops.” In that time he has come a long way! He has worked with hundreds of young people, initially helping them sharpen up their maths, numeracy and financial skills. He has proved very popular with both pupils and teachers.

“The children interacted really well and responded to a wide range of mathematical and money questions. The workshop was lively and they really liked the “Grandad” character. Sarah Seenan Year 5/6 Teacher – Ysgol Maes Glas.

Schools across Wales and England have booked “Grandad Workshops”. These have been either self-funded or supported by groups such as Communities First. These Workshops include a variety of activities that teachers have praised for their inclusive nature.


For many pupils the highlight has been the opportunity to interview and work with “Grandad”. “Grandad” is played brilliantly and sympathetically by Peter Storey. Peter describes himself as a “Professional Grandad” with a growing number of grand-children! “Grandad’s” story includes his work as a bus-driver and his life now he is partly retired. His partial retirement allows him more time to spend with his eight grandchildren. He is not wealthy, but he is “time-rich”, which allows him to engage in a variety of activities from playing football on the beach with his grandchildren (providing he can play in goal!) to designing and developing the garden of his dreams.


The children, in the schools, help Grandad by organising football games and by managing his garden budget. They also help him earn a little extra money by developing his new taxi business.

The success of “Grandad” inspired David Evans and Ann Jones from SARN, supported by Peter, to develop “Grandad” products that would be even more widely available to schools. The three of them have already created several “Grandad” stories and have now developed the first commercially available resource – “Grandad’s Got Green Fingers”. The product supports the teaching of mathematics and encourages the application of numeracy through literature. It also enhances problem solving and reasoning skills.


The package includes detailed worksheets designed exclusively for SARN by Ann, building on her experience as a Maths Advisor to a growing number of schools. The format encourages pupils to support “Grandad”, and one of his grandsons “Oscar”, in developing “Grandad’s” dream garden. The product is not prescriptive, and so allows teachers opportunities to adapt to their pupils’ needs. The package consists of 15 story booklets and a CD with the teaching materials.


Schools purchasing the product will also be invited to send up to two members of staff to attend one of a series of training courses. 


To place an order for the package or for more information please contact:

Peter Storey on 07801 711390 or

Working With Grandad

“We’ve asked for a quality, up to date numeracy resource in Wales. Here it is! Thank you very much.”


Andrew Sutton (Ysgol Bryn Pennant)

Sample pages:



“The opportunity to cover all ranges of maths and numeracy skills. Elements are cleverly covered in an exciting real scenario which also encourage teachers to look “out of the box” for learning!”

Ellen Williams - Lumb

(Ysgol Llywelyn)

“Colourful, engaging materials that will encourage children to use maths in real situations.”

Rowen Davenport

(Christchurch Primary School)

"I can’t wait to use this pack with my Y5/6 class. They love maths and solving these problems for Grandad will make them love it even more!”


Catherine Hughes (Ysgol y Llan)

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