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The Young Person's Guide



Ann Jones and David Leigh Evans

16+ (New Flat Tenants)

The Young Person's Guide to budgeting, shopping for your place and all that stuff! see preview and reviews …

The Young Persons Guide

Grandad's Got Green Fingers

Ann Jones

David Leigh Evans

Peter Storey



Primary Schools

Community Projects


“Grandad’s Got Green Fingers” encourages pupils to support “Grandad”, and one of his grandsons “Oscar”, in developing “Grandad’s” dream garden.


The product is not prescriptive, and so allows teachers opportunities to adapt to their pupils’ needs. Click here for preview and reviews …


Grandads Got Green Fingers

Teaching Financial Skills Concept Cartoons

Age Range:

Learners age 8-14


Ann Jones, David Leigh Evans and Peter Storey


This resource supports teaching financial skills in primary and secondary schools. It is also suitable for teaching adults financial skills. The Teaching Financial Skills Concept Cartoons explore many aspects of financial education. It includes budgets, wages, savings and many other areas associated with financial skills. Each concept Cartoons cover a vital area of the maths or PSHE curriculum.


Concept Cartoons are simple images of a group of characters talking. All the characters opinions are valid but often characters have common misconceptions. A blank speech bubble for learners allows them to add their own opinions on the topic. Teaching Financial Skills Concept Cartoons can be used to start a group discussion or enquiry. Concept Cartoons can also be linked together to create a project teaching financial literacy.

Why is teaching financial skills important?

The maths and PSHE curriculum for English and Welsh schools include financial literacy. This creates a perfect opportunity to link maths to real life situations. It also give students the skills to manage money effectively in the future.


This set of Teaching Financial Skills Concept Cartoons covers topics such as:

  • What is value for money?

  • What is the difference between a credit and debit card?

  • Where does money come from?

  • How does one currency convert to another?


Complimentary training on teaching financial skills is available to support this resource from SARN. Millgate House Education developed this resource in partnership with SARN. Training can be tailored to teachers, advisers and educators involved in adult education.


Teaching Financial Skills Concept Cartoons are part of the Concept Cartoons resource range. These resources are available to support maths, science and English. Concept Cartoons are suitable for primary and secondary schools. Cross curricular sets are available for fitness and sand dune ecology. You can find out more about all of these resources here.


Sand Dune Ecology Concept Cartoons

Age Range:

Learners age 8-14


Brenda Keogh, Stuart Naylor, Jo Williams, Emily Hankey in association with David Leigh Evans, SARN


'Sand dunes are an ideal environment for illustrating a range of ecological concepts and principles.'


The Concept Cartoons in this PDF resource explore many aspects of sand dune ecology. Many of the Concept Cartoons relate to science, but they also connect to other areas of the curriculum including geography.


Each Concept Cartoon can be used to stimulate a free standing discussion and enquiry. Alternatively, the Concept Cartoons can be linked together to form a larger topic or to create a project related to sand dunes and the coastal environment.


The process of dune formation is well understood and extensively documented. The sand dune environment is much less complex than many other environments and this makes it easier to see how ecological concepts apply.


This set of Concept Cartoons covers concepts such as:

  • sand dune formation

  • sand dune erosion and repair

  • indigenous flora and ecological succession

  • interdependence of species.


NOTE: Produced by Millgate House Education Ltd in partnership with SARN.


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